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What is GrammieGram?

NOTE: GrammieGram is discontinued and this site is for posterity only

Simple, one-way messaging that allows senior citizens to connect to their families
GrammieGram possesses several key features to augment your communication with loved ones using a simple always-on message board:

  • Easily send short messages and reminders
  • Send messages from the web or your phone
  • Share photos using photo messaging
  • Recipients can view recently sent messages using message history
  • Easy to sign up and set up
  • Runs on any device with a web browser
  • No Ads. Ever.


GrammieGram supports multiple account management methods. You can create an account and manage your own message board or set one up for someone else. All accounts have the ability to send text and picture messages to message boards.


GrammieGram provides world-class security for your communication. This website uses industry best practices for encryption, secure cloud hosting, authentication, and payment management. Behind the scenes, we vigilantly monitor for spam.


GrammieGram works out of the box with powerful default settings, but gives you control over its features. Everything from audio notifications to read receipts to display font size is easily configurable to best suit your needs.

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  • Text messaging
  • Picture messaging
  • Scrolling grams history
  • Optional audio notifications
  • Customizable font sizes and message durations

Video Tutorials

Need help getting started with GrammieGram? Check out our video tutorials, where our engineers walk you through common actions on the platform in plain English.

No Computer Skills Necessary

Unlike email and text messaging, using GrammieGram requires no technical skills. For recipients, reading grams (displayed in large, easy-to-read font) is as easy as checking the time!


Easily-configurable font sizes and audio notifications make it simple for your loved ones to read your grams. Customize your grams to include a time and date so the recipient knows when you sent them.

Safe and Secure

GrammieGram puts your family's online safety at the forefront using up-to-date security practices and secure servers. The elegant sender-recipient relation scheme avoids many of the risks associated with online communication.

Enterprise Options

Manage numerous accounts and boards and many more options. For custom features and pricing, please contact us.

Questions? Ideas? Requests? Send us a message and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.