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Our Company

GrammieGram started as Philip's side project: a message board to connect his mother with his 93-year-old grandmother. From there, it became five friends running a pilot for a half-dozen residents at the local assisted living community. Today, GrammieGram LLC is a company dedicated to creating communication technology optimized for elderly users.

The GrammieGram founding team is entirely Grinnell College students, all class of 2020. GrammieGram is an independent and self-funded enterprise.

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Our Team

Philip Kiely


Philip Kiely, a third-year computer science major at Grinnell College, is the founder and creator of GrammieGram. Philip spends his free time programming in Python, participating in various hackathons, and listening to an excessive amount of Macklemore and Taylor Swift. At Grinnell, Philip runs a boxing club with Bogdan and can most often be found either on the computer science floor of the Robert Noyce Science Center or at his desk typing away in front of three monitors. Philip started GrammieGram after realizing that no existing service offered the simplified communication pattern that his mother sought to communicate with his grandmother.

Liam Niehus-Staab

Lead Android Developer, Web Developer

Liam Niehus-Staab is a third-year computer science major at Grinnell College. The Michigan native graduated from Kalamazoo Central High School, where he programmed in the First Robotics Competition. At Grinnell, Liam is the captain of the open ultimate frisbee team and a member of Jerod Weinman’s research group. As a full-stack software developer at GrammieGram, Liam constructs new features to improve the flexibility and robustness of the service. Liam also provides technical support and manages customer relations in the GrammieGram pilot.

Alexander Mohn

Head System Administrator, Software Quality Developer

Alex Mohn, a chemistry major and member of the class of 2020 at Grinnell College in Iowa, is the software quality developer at GrammieGram. He ensures that new features are properly integrated and tested and that the service is stable and secure. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, Alex is a Tex-Mex food connoisseur and lover of the great outdoors. He enjoys hiking, climbing, spelunking and watching the night sky with a high-powered telescope as an amateur celestial observer and sketcher. Alex's programming and web development skills are completely self-taught. No doubt, his determination and unrelenting thirst for knowledge that drove him to teach himself how to code is what makes him such a successful head of the Grinnell College quiz bowl team, the best college quiz bowl team in all of Iowa.

Bogdan Abaev

Lead iOS Developer, Web Developer

Bogdan Abaev is a 19-year-old member of the class of 2020 from Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. He is double majoring in Math and Computer Science. As a software developer at GrammieGram, Bogdan integrates third-party services and develops internal solutions. He wants to help make the world a better place and hopes that GrammieGram will help some people. He likes drinking strong, black coffee (especially Costa Rican coffee, video games, and boxing; he runs a boxing club at Grinnell with GrammieGram founder Philip.

Joel Tibbetts

Head of Design, Web Developer

Joel Tibbetts is a third year physics major at Grinnell College from Saint Paul, Minnesota. Joel plans to go to graduate school for aerospace engineering. As a strong believer in user-friendly interface, Joel is doing his best to ensure that with every new feature, GrammieGram remains a convenient and accessible communication platform. Joel also manages GrammieGram’s social media presence and provides hardware advice. Whenever Joel is not busy working on school projects or writing code, he enjoys solving puzzles (especially Rubik's cubes), playing indie video games, and running the infamous Friday-night Nerf battles in Grinnell College’s Robert Noyce science building.